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We're a group of boutique recruitment brands that combine the value of being highly specialised with the significant benefit of working as part of a wider group.

In other words, we offer the best of both worlds.

Why 11 Investments?

Having successfully grown our own recruitment business, we decided we wanted to help like-minded recruitment leaders achieve the same thing.

We have built a team of experts who are able to help you launch your own recruitment business, whilst you focus on what you know and love - recruitment. At 11, we combine the freedom and value of being highly specialised, whilst also leveraging the significant benefits of working as part of a wider group.

David - Investment Director

Where are we going next?

The 11 Investments group is currently made up of 4 businesses with 100 employees and we have ambitious, but very achievable growth plans! 

We're looking to launch more brands in partnership with new founders, on our journey to becoming a full-service professional recruitment group. Whilst we have successfully launched and scaled several businesses, we have some missing parts - and that's where you come in.

Joe, Charlie and Andy - Co-founders

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